It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Jesus?

Why doesn’t rain have the same effect on children that it has on adults?  Cold, rainy days are great for being lazy, so why were the kids acting like this:

They were driving me absolutely batty, and I was starting to think my name was either “Mama-Can-I” or “Mom-I-Want.”  I had no time for play, not when there were pressing tasks to do, such as folding underwear and scrubbing floors.  So, I did what every good mother does; I told them to go watch a movie.

Minutes later, I recognize the familiar sounds of a movie depicting the Resurrection.  It’s one of those cute little 80’s movies.  You know the type…good message, horrible visuals and sound effects.  Happy for my newfound peace and quiet, I continue with my mundane motherly duties until I hear the excited squeals of the 6-year-old.

I walk into the living room, just in time to see the big moment.  The rock that was rolled in front of the tomb cracked, emitting light, then shattered to the ground.  The Younger Boy shouts, “Ooooh, yeah!  You’re gonna get it now!  Here comes JESUS!!!!”

Because of his excitement, I half expected to see some superhero-like version of Jesus flying across the screen.  But, instead of a cape wearing, muscle ripping exaggeration, I saw a simple man.  He was now perfect, bathed in light, all of his bruises and cuts gone.  I turned my attention to Philip, expecting to see disappointment on his little face.  Surely, this isn’t what he was picturing when he growled his warning to the cartoon Romans earlier?  I guess it was; there was no disappointment on his face.  He was smiling.  Apparently, cartoon Jesus met his expectations.

It was a moment that I simply found humor in at first.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I wondered about how this 6-year-old child views Jesus.  The Younger Boy loves superheroes, so much so that he often combines their powers to make an ultimate crime fighter, like:

Incredi Mardi Gras Super Boy


Super Bat Jedi Ranger Man

So, his excitement over a (visually) simple man was quite surprising.  Let’s be honest.  When you think of superheroes, do you really think of Jesus?  I don’t–I think of pop-culture icons, such as Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, etc, etc, etc.  Not Christ.  But…why not?  A superhero, by definition, is someone who has extraordinary powers.  Someone who saves the day.  Someone people can look up to.  Someone people can emulate.

After all, Omnipotence only comes in one form:

Maybe The Younger Boy is on to something.


11 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Jesus?

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  2. This is an excellent post with or without the video. I hardly ever have time to watch them anyways, though I do try if they are not too long. I love the life of your family, and I love you being a mother. Great and wonderful family you have. God Bless, SR

      • Alas…..mine are all grown so now I can read these “parent” blogs in peace and quiet. When mine moved out I cried like a baby, then one day I said, “I might like this???” I turned their bedroom into my dressing room, make-up room, with T.V., radio, vanity and stool. Moved all of my clothes in there and loved it:>) Remember this: “One day I was where you are now, and one day you will be where I am at:>)” God Bless, SR

  3. I wish I could find it online, but do you know the song Damsel In Distress by Joia Farmer? That’s what I thought of when I read this post.
    <3 *z*

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