Phil-ism Friday #1

“Phil-ism”…something said or done by The Younger Boy that incites laughter, bewilderment, or joy.

Today’s Phil-isms are brought to you by the phrase “Lord help me,” which I say often in relation to this child.

“Don’t you hate it when your sink messes with you?  You know…when the hot water comes out cold, and the cold water comes out hot?” –Philip, age 6
“Ummm…I think you’re turning the wrong knobs.” –Me
“Hm.  I never thought of that.”

“Philip, you can’t watch Power Rangers before going to bed!  You’ll be doing karate flips off of the top bunk.” –Me
“That’s why I’m on the bottom bunk.”

I have a tire in my trunk that needs repair.  Looking in the backseat this morning, The Younger Boy says, “Whoa, Mom!  You drive like a maniac!  You were driving so crazy that the tire flew off the car and landed in the trunk!!!”
Everyone’s a critic.


8 thoughts on “Phil-ism Friday #1

  1. I think you brought this on yourself by naming him Phil! My great-grandfather was a Phil, as was my grandfather. His son (my dad) and his nephew are both Phils, and they each have a son named Phil. I never met my great-grandfather, but of the five family Phils I knew, they are all blessed with quite the sense of humor. So much of this reminds me of when my brother was a little kid, writing hilarious poems about beans and generally being a funny, special guy. You make me excited to become a mother one day!

    PS- This is Cherie from ConfidentlyCatholic, the comment log-in is busted for some reason!

  2. “Everyone’s a Critic. I needed that one this afternoon.
    Right now my 2 yo’s favorite thing to do is laugh and the look you and say, “Dad I laugh.” and then laugh at the funny he made.

    • I love how simple children can be; we should learn from them. Enjoy your 2 year old. Even though they can drive you crazy now, these memories will one day be the beginning of the “fun years.”

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