Phil-ism Friday #2

“Phil-ism”…something said or done by The Younger Boy that incites laughter, bewilderment, or joy.

Today’s Phil-isms are brought to you by the letter N.  “N” for “Ninja”…The Younger Boy’s obsession.  Regular ninjas and the Teenage Mutant Turtle version.  Enjoy.  These are the moments that make me crazy.

Philip talking about The Priest…”Mom!  I like that he wears all black!  He’s like a ninja priest!”
Crime fighting in the name of the Lord.  To this day, we still call the priests’ clothes their “ninja suits.”

“When I grow up, I want to be a ninja.  Then, I can crouch in the shadows like the teenage ninja injun turtles.”

“Philip!  I can’t believe you kicked your brother in the face!” –The Husband
“I wasn’t trying to kick him in the mouth.  I was practicing my double front foot kick!  It just slipped.”

In case you missed it, here’s last week’s Phil-ism Friday.


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