Since this is Holy Week, and I’m crazy busy with the church and personal stuff for Easter, I don’t really have a lot of time to write.  But, I thought of something this morning that I just must share.

I first saw this video some time last year, and I instantly fell in love.  Not because it has a great message.  Not because I gained some pearls of wisdom.  Not because it’s cute, or a tear-jerker, or inspirational.  Not even because it has some great special effects.

No, I fell in love with it for one simple reason…it totally cracks me up.  Completely.  So much so, that I still think about it over a year later.  Now, you may not share my love of this; a lot of people over the years have told me that I have an “odd” sense of humor.  They’re being nice; I can see it on their faces.  Sigh.  I’m so misunderstood.  (Apparently, my kids get their humor from me.  The weirdo apple doesn’t fall far from the freak tree.)

So, I’ll let you decide.  Is it just me,

or is that hilarious?????  It gets me EVERY TIME.

I don’t know what I love more, the barrage of “BAM’s” or the way he casually asks, “How’s the hip?”

Who knew that’s all it took to cure a hip?!?  24 BAMs.  Yep, I counted.

Screw Obamacare, let’s just create BAM centers.  I can hear the marketing now…”Are you sick?  Have the doctors not been able to help you?  Is modern medicine failing you?  Don’t worry, help is on the way!  Regardless of what ails you, we have the cure!  We can help you in 50 BAMs or less…guaranteed!”

And, if it takes 24 BAMs for a broken hip, how many would it take to get rid of my big butt?  I might need a BA-DOW for that.

Don’t get me wrong.  I definitely believe in the healing power of prayer. I actually had my own Anointing of the Sick a few months ago.  But The Ninja-Priest-Friend didn’t give me any BAMS.  I would’ve thought he was crazy if he did.  I could just imagine…after the Sign of the Cross, he shouts “BAM!”, then either smacks me in the head or shows me his impressive ‘jazz hands’.  Ridiculous.

Now, a BA-DOW?  That sounds reasonable.


3 thoughts on “Can’t…Stop…Laughing…

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