God, Angels, and Seat Belts…A Conversation with Philip

The Younger Boy and I have some of our best conversations in the car.  We live in the country, so it takes us a little longer than others to get to our final destinations.  Since his mind is always running, we talk about all sorts of things, ranging from superheroes to schoolwork to ice cream.  But, more than anything, we talk about God.  Here is a conversation from the other day:

“I’m so glad God made cars.” –Philip

“Well, God didn’t really make cars.  People did.  But,” –Me, until the kid interrupted

“But, God made people.”

“Right.  He blessed us with intelligence to create technology.”

“And we use tech-whatever to make cool stuff.”


“But, sometimes bad people make bad things.  Like bombs.”

“Yes, but most people aren’t bad.  They are misguided.  They do bad things.  But they are not bad.  We should pray for those people.”

“I’m never gonna get bad.”

“Keep praying and love God with all of your heart, and hopefully you’ll lead a good life.  Make good choices.”

“I know I’ll never be bad.”

“Don’t get cocky.  A lot of good people do bad things.  Evil always tempts us.”

He’s silent for a little while, obviously contemplating what was said.  Then,

“Evil won’t tempt me!  I won’t let the devil in my head.  I’ll have so much God in my brain that there won’t be room for the devil!”

“That’s good.  Stay close to God, and don’t forget to pray.  And, ask for His help when you need it.”

“He’ll protect me.  And, Nanny Gayle will protect me, like the angels.”

“That’s right!  You have a guardian angel, did you know that?”

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“We all have a guardian angel.  So, there are 3 angels with us right now.”  (Although quiet, John Edward was with us also.)  “What do you think of that?”

More silence.


“Are they wearing seat belts?”

“Angels don’t need seat belts, silly!”

“I know, I was just testing you.”  He then lets out a big sigh and looks out of the window.

After moments of silence, I hear him talking under his breath.  I turn down the radio, just in time to hear, “I won’t ever let You out of my head.  Cuz I love You, that’s why!”

The kid amazes me sometimes.  Every once in a while, I feel like I may actually be doing some things right…



12 thoughts on “God, Angels, and Seat Belts…A Conversation with Philip

  1. I think this story is my favorite. What wonderful and enlightened kids you have. What a wonderful mother they have. God Bless, SR

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