Kids These Days…

“What is wrong with these young people?!?”

I find myself saying this often lately, and every time I utter this phrase, I get depressed.  Not because of the state of the world, but because when you start fussing about “kids these days”, you realize that you are no longer one of them.  No worries.  I’m not looking into nursing homes quite yet.

Completely irrelevant, but this totally cracked me up.

I do wonder about the younger generations, though.  I’m generalizing, of course.  But, for the most part, they seem to be spoiled and lazy.  Hard work seems to be a foreign concept to most, and there is definitely a sense of entitlement with these people.  Why they think they deserve everything to be given to them is a mystery to me.  You want something?  Work for it.  Period.  No one owes you anything.

Again–irrelevant, but funny.

Every once in a while, though, something wonderful happens, and my faith is renewed in the future.  We had such an experience this past weekend.

Looking pretty good for 92 and 95, don’t you think?

The Husband has the cutest grandparents ever.  They are a precious Cajun couple, both in their early 90’s.  This November, they’ll celebrate 75 years of marriage, which is really an accomplishment these days.  They have worked hard their entire lives, Grandpa outside of the home, Grandma within the home.  Even though they are becoming frail and fragile, their house is still always immaculate.  I’m constantly amazed by them.

The Husband has a special bond with his grandparents; they have always been an important part of his life.  If they ever need help, he’ll drop everything to administer to them.  The problem is, they think they can still do everything themselves, regardless of their age, so he doesn’t usually get to help them as much as he would like.  Grandpa is so active, he can’t just wait for things to be done.  The family is constantly fussing at him for doing things that can be dangerous.  He doesn’t care.  He is stubborn.  He thinks he can do everything for himself, by himself.  As much as I worry he’ll one day really get hurt, I can’t help but admire his determination.  He’s a firecracker, and I love him.

Last week, however, Grandpa actually called The Husband for help.  He needed some work done outside of the house, and he and Jeremy made a plan to work on the house early Saturday morning.  Things didn’t quite go as planned, though.

Friday afternoon, shovel in hand, Grandpa was digging in the dirt, when two teen boys passed on the street.  The boys offered to help, which he actually accepted, and they finished the yard work for him.

They worked hard.  They worked in the heat.  They worked without expectation.  They never asked for anything, but they did receive a “payment” of a Coke and Honey Bun.  (How’s that for old school?)

I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the generosity of these strangers.  And, although The Husband was disappointed that he didn’t get to help his beloved grandfather, he was glad to hear that someone else extended kindness to Grandpa.  Not because they were asked to help, but just because.

Love in action.

Maybe there’s hope for the future after all.



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