Phil-ism Friday #6…Unappreciated Daddy

With some of the things that The Younger Boy has told his teachers, I can just imagine what they think of us.  No, really.  We are normal!  You believe me, don’t you?  Well, don’t ya?!?

Earlier this week, Philip came home with a journal/sketch pad that was made in class.  I flipped through it, admiring his art work, when something caught my eye.  Apparently, the class had an assignment focusing on their dads.  From what I understand, the kids had to write out something that their dad taught them and draw a corresponding picture.

Now, The Husband is a very good father.  He has his faults, like we all do, but he loves and cares for our boys in a wonderful way.  He is hard-working, dedicated, spiritual, affectionate…a real family man.  There are so many things that Philip could have said that his father taught him, such as:

  • My Dad taught me how to be a good father.
  • My Dad taught me how to be a good husband.
  • My Dad taught me how to treat women.
  • My Dad taught me how to support a family.

Any of those would have been wonderful, true things that he could have said.  But, no.  What did Jeremy teach Philip?

“My dad tot me to cleen the tolet.”

Yes, apparently all Jeremy has taught Philip was how to clean the toilet.  And, that’s not all.  There was a step by step guide to cleaning the toilet:

  1. My dad taught me to clean the toilet.
  2. In my bathroom.
  3. First, he taught me to put the detergent in the toilet.  Then I got to scrub the toilet.
  4. That’s what my dad taught me.


Oh, and let’s not forget the best part.  The picture:

I love it!  I cannot look at it without laughing.  Check out the attention to detail: the “N” on Jeremy’s shoes (for New Balance), the shelving on the wall behind the toilet, the stuff on the sink.  Also, Philip has 3 hands, 2 raised up in celebration, 1 holding the toilet brush.  That’s hilarious.  Cleaning toilets gives you super powers!

My personal favorite, though, is the smiling, happy faces on both of them.  Who knew cleaning toilets could be so fun?

Aahhh…good times.



2 thoughts on “Phil-ism Friday #6…Unappreciated Daddy

  1. I tried to use toilet cleaning as discipline but it backfired as it was too much fun for my 6 year old. Er. LOL.

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