Phil-ism Friday #7

Today’s Phil-isms were said when he was six-years-old.


The definition of hypocrisy…some kid was just making noise in the store, and Philip had the audacity to say, “Where’s the mute button on that kid?!?”


‎”Here comes Dad! Act normal.” –John Edward
“Ok…you got it!” Then he begins to yodel. Because apparently, that is normal for Philip.

yodeling boy

“John, you’re such a J-R-K!” –Philip
“Philip!!! You didn’t even spell it right.” –Me
“Oh, sorry. J-E-R-K!”
“Correct. Now go sit in the corner! That was very ugly!”
I gotta have my priorities, right?


“Mom, I don’t sweat.  I leak.”


2 thoughts on “Phil-ism Friday #7

  1. How many times have I corrected my kids grammar before sending them to the corner for being rude…. I don’t have that many fingers. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one.

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