After having a successful home based business for 6 years, I gave it up to spend my time doing volunteer work.  I’ve traded in dreams of money and success for a life of simplicity and service.  I spend my time volunteering for local organizations, and I have found great satisfaction in this.  It’s simple and unimportant, and I’m completely happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have heartaches and struggles.  Life is hard.  I have a feeling it always will be.  I still fall into the same sins (repeatedly), and I’m still learning.

But I’m listening.

And, every once in a while, I’m blessed with an invisible embrace, a whisper of love, or a warmth in my chest that can only be the presence of God.

And that makes it all worth while.

I have no impressive credentials, although motherhood has made me a professional nose wiper, referee, and chauffeur.  I’m completely unqualified to write this blog, yet here I am.  After months of prayer, I’m convinced this is what I’m meant to do.

Hi.  I’m Amie…wife, mother, daughter, sister.  I’m faithful and flawed; Catholic and faulty.  This is my spiritual evolution.  Join me…

My conversion story

The Players in My Game of Life:

  • The Husband–a.k.a. Jeremy.  Married in 2000, we were practically children when we exchanged vows.  We’ve had many struggles and challenges in our marriage, but we’ve somehow made it through them all.  To this day, he remains my best friend, the only person who knows every single thing about me–and he actually sticks around, can you believe that???
  • The Older Boy–a.k.a. John Edward.  Born in 2001, he was our first blessing.  He has a developmental disability, but he is so much more than a “special needs child.”  He is kind, loving, and always happy.  He’s an absolutely beautiful child.  To get to know him better, check out What The Older Boy Taught Me.
  • The Younger Boy–a.k.a. Philip.  Philip was born in 2005, our third child.  (Unfortunately, our second child was lost in the womb.)  Philip is an extremely smart child, which is sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.  He is an amazing child, full of wisdom, with an exceptional sense of humor.  He has many quips, which we lovingly call Phil-isms.  People have asked me to keep track of the things he says, and I share them with you here (usually on Fridays).  Get to know him, and you’ll love him too–What The Younger Boy Taught Me.
  • The Ninja-Priest-Friend–a.k.a Fr. Tom.  This priest has been a good friend to the family, as well as my personal spiritual director.  He has been instrumental in bringing me back to the Church, so my story is not complete without him, along with all of my other “Men in Black.”  I originally referred to him as “The Tyrant,” mainly because tyrant is so opposite of what he truly is.  But, he strongly opposed that title (apparently he didn’t find it as funny as me), so I changed it, thereby proving him to be a tyrant.  :)  He is now called the Ninja-Priest-Friend because when The Younger Boy first saw him in his priestly blacks, he said, “Mom!  He wears all black…like a ninja priest!”  So, there you have it.
  • “My Friend”–In February 2013, after feeling bad for years without knowing why, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Since this disease seems to take on a life of its own, I guess it can be considered a character.  Personification of a chronic illness–that’s not crazy, is it?  Like it or not, it’s a part of my life now.  I choose to deal with it with positivity and humor (even though it’s easier some days than others).

Comment policy–I’m completely open to intelligent dialogue and debate, but I will not tolerate blasphemy or cruelty.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I hope you can find something worthwhile in there and please feel free to drop me a line whenever.

    While I consider myself an agnostic very willing to believe in God, I struggle daily with this. I want to believe, yet I have been through things no god would ever want happening to his/its followers. However, I see beauty everywhere for which I am trying to find a cause for, an answer of who/what created this beauty. As you can see so, I wonder every single day… some days I believe, others I don’t. Searching for answers will eventually be my toughest battle :D

    • I completely understand questioning the existence of God. I’ve struggled with it myself in the past, and I still sometimes have moments of question, especially when things seem to go very wrong in my life. Like you, I question why bad things happen to good people. Sometimes this life just seems too hard to handle.
      But then I search for truth, and in Truth, I always find God. Continue your search, even if it is your toughest battle, for He is there…loving you, waiting for you. I hope you find Him one day as well, you will be in my prayers.

      Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog. :)

  2. Thanks for “liking” my blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs too. You’ve had a lot to deal with this year. My wife had one medical problem after another for the first nine months of this year, but she’s finally gotten over it all. Hope we’ll hear of a cured Catholic by the Christ of Christmas before this year is out.

    • Hi Andy,
      I’m glad your wife is feeling better! I appreciate you stopping by, and I do enjoy reading your blog! You always offer great advice and reflections on our faith, and you do so with love and compassion and without a lot of fluff. :) Thanks for your well wishes; they are truly appreciated!

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