Quiet Celebration

No big post today.  Nope, today I am quietly celebrating two years of coming back Home to Christ.  Today was the day I made the conscious decision to live a better life, to be a better Christian, a better mother.

I was living in a lukewarm relationship with Christ, and thanks to a priest named Fr. Randy Moreau (I only knew him a short while, but he made quite the impact!), I realized my hypocrisy.  Today was the day I decided lukewarm wasn’t good enough.  Today was the day I realized my children needed someone to show them how to live a Christian life, not just tell them.  I needed to be their teacher, not preacher.

I often tell The Ninja-Priest-Friend, “this Christian stuff is hard.”  And, although I’m saying it in a lighthearted manner, he knows what I mean.  I struggle daily.  Being a follower of Christ is not easy.  It’s not for the weak-hearted or the weak-minded.  This world is tough, and temptation is everywhere.

I’ve fallen a hundred times, and I know I’ll fall a hundred more.

But I keep getting up.  Sometimes it takes me longer than others to pull myself up.  Sometimes I need help.  Sometimes I get up bruised and torn.

But I get up.

If you’re struggling today, it’s okay.  Just be sure you get up.  :)




Getting “More Holier”

Car conversation with The Younger Boy:

“I’m so excited that I make my First Communion this year!” –Philip

“That is exciting!  Why are you looking forward to it?” –Me

“Because when I take Communion, I’ll be more holier.”

“Hmm…why do you say that?”

“Because Jesus will actually get inside me!  I’ll get to receive Him.”

The kid gets it.

Then, from the backseat, I hear:

“Shut up, John!” –Philip

“Philip!  You do not tell people to ‘shut up’.  That’s not nice!  You need Communion!”

“Yeah, I do!  I need Confession, too.” <giggling>

Lord, help me…

A Conversion…Of Sorts

About a year ago, I reluctantly sat in Mass, upset that I was spending my Saturday afternoon in a church when I’d much rather have been doing something “fun.”  After all, who wants to spend time with our Lord and Savior when there’s television to be watched, shopping to be done, and mundane tasks to be avoided?  Unfortunately for me, Continue reading